Saturday, 26 May 2012

lost in the world

I CANNOT BELIEVE I MISSED the moment when Kanye released his Lost in the World clip. Where was I, what was I thinking??!!

For all of you that still haven't experienced the inspiring perfection of it, let me show you:

OK, now fashion time! Yesterday I wore a pink-neon-fluo-whatever dress from H&M, along with a grey Zara blazer and some silver jewellery, to balance the colors a little bit. I also had my second hand + DIY black bag, but I wear it so often that I don't have any stylish explanation for its presence here, haha.

wearing (for those who didn't bother to read the above)
dress - h&m
blazer - zara
shoes - mango
bag - sh, diy, blablabla
rings - vintage
necklace - i am


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